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The Heart Of Illinois Bird Club (HOIBC) is a club for all bird owners. Our club members are single pet owners, avid hobbyist, breeders and vendors. Our goal is to educate anyone interested in the responsible ethical keeping, raising and breeding of birds; to promote and protect a high standard of ethics among bird breeders, members of this club, and the general public. We are here to educate club members and the in the community, to sponsor three bird fairs per year for the purpose of promotion of the club and availability of supplies for members, to sponsor an all bird show to promote education, breeding excellence and perfection of the various types of bird breeds. Our meetings are fun and educational. We also have group outings.

We currently have affiliations with NFSS, SPBE, ALBS, NCS, ACS

We have a Yahoo Groups page and are on Facebook. These are great ways to keep up on events and stay in touch with fellow members. Find out more by clicking on "Contact Us" link above.

The club's offical mailing address is:

PO Box 2214
East Peoria, IL 61611